Our touching Solution

Touching your new panel:

  Zion Systems offers a wide range of rugged IPC Air single board computers and stackable I/O modules.

Most of Zion's products are ruggedized to thrive in harsh environments. They feature extended temperature operation
of -40ºC to +85ºC as well as high resistance to shock and vibration.

   IPC AIR boards provide an ideal solution for embedded applications which include any of the following requirements:

   The stackable nature of IPC AIR means that backplanes are eliminated, resulting in smaller size, lower cost, and in many cases increased ruggedness compared to alternative form factors.

Ziga Projector
LED light, Super portable presentation

Ziga HD is designed & manufactured under Ahavalink management to maximize portable projector performance 
by its own optical engine and heat dissipation mechanism design.

Ziga HD features DLP Technology by Texas Instrument, high quality RGB LED lenses, and delicate 
optical lenses design to accurately present picture images with rich, vibrant color. It’s a simple way to
reproduce vibrant images for enriched visual experience. 

IPC AIR /Panel PC/ Touch panel/Panel controller system
Linking to your system: Mechatrolink/CC link/Ethercat