About Ahavalink

General Description       

       Ahavalink Ing. is a professional new Green product ‘s solution company with experienced business management and advanced research and development with our knowledge in the Smart Graphic System, Touch controller/Panel and lighting controller/Projector and green product’s design techniques.

     Zion Systems' optimize feature density, size, and cost using innovative ideas and technologies and meeting the requirement of our customer's specific application. We understand that every customer's requirements are unique. Our consultative approach to embedded systems results in greater economy and functionality than traditional off-the-shelf solutions, while meeting customer's needs more precisely. We meet with our customers to understand their requirements, jointly discuss alternatives and techniques, and then define an optimized solution that meets their specific needs.

     Ahavelink products are manufactured at ISO9000-certified facilities in the U.S./EU and Asia. Each unit undergoes full-function production test, with test results available in an online database. Additionally, products are fully qualified over their rated operating temperature ranges prior to release for production.

    To focus on areas of high value to embedded market customers, Ahavalink differentiates itself from general-purpose suppliers and delivers successful solutions for demanding real-world applications. Customers benefit from single-supplier convenience, proven compatibility among system components, lower product development costs, and real time to market.

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